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What is Art Vinyl?

Founded in London, England in 2005, Art Vinyl is the original way to display your favourite vinyl records; perfect for music or art enthusiasts and those with an eye for stylish interior design.


The first real champions of Art & Design for vinyl records, Art Vinyl also curate exhibitions celebrating the best in sleeve design.

For information on our latest exhibition in the UK, you can download our latest press release here

Art Vinyl Record Frames


Art Vinyl record frames give you the chance to stylishly display your vinyl albums, 12" records and their contents on your wall. With the record frame's unique design, you can also change over your vinyl record display within seconds, without having to remove the frame from the wall. Our frames have a unique quick release system; simply press the catch at the top and they hinge open.


We understand that no two records are alike; with this in mind our Play and Display frames are specially designed and manufactured to compensate for differences in the thickness of LP or 12" records when displayed in the frame. This is achieved thanks to the unique 'sponge finger' system on the back of the Flip Frame, which ensures that any 12" record will fit comfortably and securely inside. 


The frame's crystal clear front window brings out every detail of your favourite album artwork, while protecting your precious vinyl from dust, and on the back plate of the frame, soft pads at each corner ensure that the frame sits neatly against your wall.

Buy record frames in matte black or white and create an original display with vinyl records you already own and buy, or choose from our extensive range of gift packs containing a frame and a brand new vinyl album (some gift packs even come with a CD of the album included too).

Art Vinyl frames come fully assembled and beautifully packaged, ready to attach to your wall with just one screw (fixture included in the box).


Special Features


When you want to change the display, there's no need to take the flip frame off the wall. Just press the easy release catch at the top and the faceplate hinges open.


Art Vinyl Record Frame Catch


Albums can vary in thickness, but for perfect display, the artwork needs to be held firmly in place. To solve this problem, Play and Display frames have four sprung fingers on the back plate which ensure that the contents are firmly held no matter what the thickness.


Art Vinyl Record Frames Sponge Fingers


The back plate of the frame is fixed to the wall using a single screw through a central hanging slot. This makes for easy installation and removal, and makes it easy to keep the frame straight on the wall. The slot allows for vertical adjustment, which is useful for precise visual alignment. The necessary fixings are supplied with each frame.


Art Vinyl Record Frames Back Plate


On the side that faces the wall, the back plate has four soft pads, one at each corner. These ensure that the frame sits neatly against the wall while helping to prevent scuff marks.

Art Vinyl Record Frames Soft Pads



Art Vinyl Record Frame Triple Packs


Art Vinyl Play & Display Flip Frame triple packs allow you to develop broader vinyl record displays in your home. We understand how fans of music, art or interior design love to express their passion for vinyl art by using multiple vinyl records within their displays. The Play & Display triple packs give you that flexibility, while offering you great value compared with buying three frames individually.


Art Vinyl Gift Packs


Art Vinyl Play & Display Flip Frames are also available to order as gift packs, containing a stylish record frame plus a brand new copy of a classic album. We've selected a fantastic range of vinyl LPs with classic album cover designs for you to choose from, which can you can browse and buy from by clicking 'Buy Art Vinyl' at the top of this page.

If you're buying a present for a fan of music, art or interior design then an Art Vinyl gift pack is an original music gift idea that will not only look good on their wall, but will also give them a new record to listen to while they decide what vinyl to display next in their Play & Display Flip Frame!

Our gift packs come fully assembled and beautifully packaged, ready to attach to the wall with just one simple screw (fixture included in the box). Prices start from just £51.

Many of the titles also come with a CD version of the album included, allowing you to enjoy stunning artwork on your wall while listening to the music in either format.
If you see a gift pack listed here and you would like the record packaged with a different coloured frame, just contact us and we'll do the rest!