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Our unique and patented Flip Frame design means that when you buy from Art Vinyl, you not only have a stylish display of vinyl record cover art in your home, you can also easily change your display as often as you like.


The gallery below shows some of our favourite display ideas, including a few nominations from our customers. If you have an Art Vinyl display on your wall which you think would inspire your fellow lovers of music or vinyl cover art, email photos to us at info@artvinyl.com or post them on our Facebook page!

It's also worth considering the following tips:


Remember to experiment and enjoy not only the front covers for your display but explore the exciting array of inner sleeves or even back covers.


Many LPs will also have exciting 12" singles to accompany the album which use similar art and graphic styles, to use within your display. As a result each album release will provide the owner with any number of similar 12" single cover art to choose from.


When using three record frames, the centre frame can naturally become the centerpiece, using the cover art either side to celebrate the central display.


Theming a display can give hours of pleasure as you flick through your record collection discovering similar themes and combinations. Often you can find similar styles by graphic designers who have done work for many very different bands and artists. Such reputable record cover designers include people like Tom Dixon for his work with Massive attack, Peter Saville for Factory Records and even the now World Famous Banksy, who have all enjoyed popularity through their record cover artwork.


When giving Art Vinyl as a gift, many Art Vinyl enthusiasts like to add a real personal touch by adding an actual vinyl record to the Play & Display Flip Frame. With vinyl so easy to track down and order online, this is an easy and effective option way to personalise something that the owner will get years of pleasure from.